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Kim Fu Yu

Kim Fu Yu

Kim Fu Yu:
Race: Warrior womyn everywhere
Training: Ancient masters of Eastern martial arts, Western movies, and a strong dose of bitterness
Favorite tool: A wise tongue and a sharper katana
Favorite food: Raw fish and male mince meat
Specialty: Letting men foolishly underestimate her and then surprising them with a thrashing
Proclivity: Demure young Japanese maidens who brawl
Cause: Ending gender discrimination and violence, and saving fiances from the horrors of matrimony
Pet Peeve: Men who say dirty things to her on the street

After years of traumatic experiences, some women grow to resent men, and even to despise them. Not so for Kim Fu Yu. She's hated them since birth. And it's only gotten worse.

Did you know: There are almost 250,00 reported cases of domestic violence in New York City each year. Kim Fu is working to reduce that number through victim advocay by superior force. And weaponry.

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