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The Pirate Queen and Apprentice

The Pirate Queen and Apprentice

The Pirate Queen and Apprentice:
Once upon a time, the Pirate Queen rules the seas, taking no prisoners save those of value, and trusting no man beyond the point of her sword. After many years of pirating, she realized she needed an apprentice, one to follow in her foot steps and take command of her fleet when she would choose to retire.

To this end she carefully inspected every female prisoner captured until she found a young woman with the right qualities of aggression and toughness for the job. The Pirate Queen took it upon herself to train this woman in the arts of swordplay, the skills of seamanship, and the spirit of command.

On occasion, the two would go on land for supplies, diplomacy, or training, awat from the crew of her ship. But one such as the Pirate Queen always has enemies...

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