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The Battle of the Nations is the first international medieval armored combat championship tournament and festival in the world! The 2013 edition will be held in France, the birthplace of chivalry! This year there will be 22 nations represented, twice as many as last year!

Team USA, which won "Best Team Debut" last year at the Battle of the Nations in Poland, will be returning, bigger and stronger! I have been lucky enough to earn a spot on this year's team and return to the competition!

You can help me meet this challenge by visiting There are many valuable rewards you can earn with your donations. From as little as $5 to as much as $2000, every bit helps!

Should you wish to purchase the products listed without going through, youe may purchase them a la carte here through Paypal. Please note, however, that be doing so, you will not get your name listed as a sponsor on the website or any videos I make.

Publication of "The Ironfowl Cartoon Pages," a collection of SCA and medieval-interest cartoons by myself and Timur Bloodeyes: $3.95 + $1.95 p&h

Advance DVD of the new documentary "Return to Pennsic," a follow-up to "The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary," produced by myself and featuring Myself and G.A. West (includes $10 coupon for any subsequent edition of "Return to Pennsic"): $15 + $2.50 p&h

Battle of the Nations 2013 DVD, produced by Captain Zorikh: $20 + $2.50 P&h

T-shirt of "U.S. Against the World" drawn by Captain Zorikh: $20 + $3.50 p&h


Signed, limited edition art print of "U.S. Against the World" drawn by Captain Zorikh: $30 + $2.50 p&h

Hoodie sweatshirt of "U.S. Against the World" drawn by Captain Zorikh: $45 + $3.50 p&h


Here is a highlight video of our national tryouts in Springfield, Il. in February, where it was determined that I made the team:

Here is a highlight video of Team USA in action at last year's Battle of the Nations

To find out more about Team USA, go to

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Count or Countess: JoAnna Motylewski
Lucius Rick webb
Court Barons: Joseph Cadieux
Preferred Arms, Inc.
Baron Mitchell McBain
Dave Weiner
Lords: Kevin Black
Jamie Kearley
Freeman: Dark Victory Armory
Serf: Rebecca Weeks
Vinod Jayakeerthi
Poison Pen Press
Duck Duck Bar
Joel Jaekel
Thanks: Brian Fields

Sponsorship opportunities are available at all levels.
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"The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary" is still available for $24.95 + $3.50 P&H
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