Hi friends and fans! Welcome to the website for Captain Zorikh's Costume Contests, the most fun costume contests on the East Coast!

Captain Zorikh's Costume Contest began at the Big Apple Convention in 2003. Since then it has grown and expanded, and has always been considered the most fun costume contest on the East Coast.

This is the “people’s costume contest” because you, the good people of the convention get to decide who gets the prizes! Captain Zorikh will keep the action moving but the true stars are you, the costume enthusiast who enter and the people who love them and cheer! Categories will be made up on the spot! Prizes will be distributed? Costume death matches and dance-offs are not unheard of! Register on the spot and strut your stuff! Dealers are welcome to submit prizes for promotional consideration!

The next appearance of Captain Zorikh's Costume Contest will be Saturday, April 13 at 3:00 PM at the New York Comic Book Marketplace in the Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Ave between 32nd & 33rd St on the 18th floor.

Halloween Adventure Costume Shop is offering prize gift certificates of $75, $50, and $25!

Good Tymes Custom Couture is offering a $50 credit towards costuming work!

Forbidden Planet has contributed a $50 prize package of goodies!

Action Burger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has Contributed a burger, fries, & drink meal for two!

You've got to be in it to win it!

The NY Cosplayers Network will be hosting a photo shoot for cosplayers and costume enthusiasts immediately following the contest!

I will be covering this with my trusty digital camera and pictures will be posted on my Costume Contest Facebook Page and Costume Contest Myspace page

If you are coming, be sure to RSVP on the Facebook event listings and let us know what to expect (or beware!).

The rules:
You must wear a costume. It may be of any character in comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, history, toys, video games, movies, TV, cartoons, anime, manga, or even one of your own creation. It may be a hero, villain, or creature of undetermined alignment.
Each contestant will get 30-90 seconds to present themselves to the audience. Any pre-recorded sounds must be self-contained (bring your own player (if you are going to play music or do a lip-synch act you have to carry your own sound system/boom box/etc).
The judging will be done by audience applause according to the patented "Captain Zorikh Applause-o-meter." Applause will be judged by volume and enthusiasm, not duration.
Categories for prizes will be established on-the-spot based on what costumes and characters appear and thematic appropriateness.
Captain Zorikh reserves the right to amend and adjust these rules according to the situation.
Have fun! That's what's important!

So come on down and strut your stuff! For more details and pictures, go to

PAST APPEARANCES: Wicked Faire 2011
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