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Hi friends and fans! Welcome to the website for Captain Zorikh's Costume Contests, the most fun costume contests on the East Coast!

Captain Zorikh's Costume Contest began at the Big Apple Convention in 2003. Since then it has grown and expanded, and has always been considered "the most fun costume contest on the East Coast."

This is the people's costume contest because you, the good people of the convention, get to decide who gets the prizes! Captain Zorikh will keep the action moving but the true stars are you, the costume enthusiasts who enter and the people who love them and cheer! Categories may or may not be made up on the spot! Prizes will be distributed! Costume death matches and dance-offs are not unheard of! Register on the spot and strut your stuff! Dealers are welcome to submit prizes for promotional consideration!

Come as a hero, villain, morally ambiguous, or innocent bystander from comics, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, pop culture, movies, TV, video games, anime, manga, video games, history, etc!

The next appearance of Captain Zorikh's Costume Contest will be Sunday, March 12, 2017 at the Big Apple Comic Convention in the Globetrotter Room of the Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th Ave on the corner of 33rd St.


Sign-ups will be on the day of the contest in front of the Globetrotter room in the basement of the Hotel Pennsylvania.

Contestants may be individuals or may enter as groups. Each contestant must enter their real name and character name on the cards provided.

When the contest begins, the contestants will line up, come on stage, and turn in their sign-up cards person by person and group by group.

Each contestant or group will get a brief moment of opportunity to introduce themselves and do something to present their character and costume to the audience.

There will be two microphones on stage, but any additional sounds must be provided by the contestant (ie: if you are going to play music or do a lip-synch act you have to carry your own sound system/boom box/accordion/etc)

The audience will then applaud, and the level of their applause will be tracked by Captain Zorikh's patented "Applause-O-Meter." Applause will be judged by volume and enthusiasm, not duration.

At the end of this Parade of Costumes the winners will be invited to come to the stage and select their prizes!

Captain Zorikh reserves the right to amend and adjust these rules according to the situation.

Have fun! That's what's important!

After all this fuss is done, all people in costume, regardless of whether they were in the costume contest or not, are invited to get on stage for one mass costume photo shoot!

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The prizes so far...

Artist & Craftsman Supply
will be contributing gift certificates for the winners and special goodie bags for 70 contestants!!!

Halloween Adventure Costume Shop will contribute a $100 gift certificate!

Forbidden Planet will be contributing a $100 goodie bag of comics and graphic novels!

Fanboy Collectibles is contributing 5 high quality cosplay masks ($100 total retail value) as sponsored prizes. They will be Deadpool, Wolverine, Black Panther, Spider-Man & Deathstroke. If you don't win them, you can buy them at their booth at the show!

Art Of Old School $500 prize package
Costume Contest Prize Package
- 5 signed 11x17 inch limited edition prints. $50 value
- 2 T-shirts featuring original art. (1 Male, 1 Female) $50
- 4 artist signed variant edition comic books, TMNT #28, Giant Sized F-Man #1, Arcadian Knights trade Paperback, and NGT volume one. $150-200 value.
- grand prize: Original Marvel Inspired Artwork on Comic board. Value $250-400.

Prizes from: Nostalgia Fest Philly - 2 standard entry passes valued at $80
- 2 VIP entry passes valued at $300

You've got to be in it to win it!

I will be covering this with my trusty digital camera and pictures will be posted on my Costume Contest Facebook Page.

If you are coming, be sure to RSVP on the Facebook event listing and let us know what to expect (or beware!).

So come on down and strut your stuff!
For more pictures, go to the Captain Zorikh's Costume contest MySpace page (remember MySpace?)

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