Video Director and Editor

Captain Zorikh has been producing, writing, directing, shooting, and editing videos for over ten years.
You can see samples of his work here.
Here is his curriculum vitae:
American Knights Director/producer/editor/writer/camera Documentary feature
New York Knights Combat Producer/writer/editor/camera Web Series
US Against the World Director/producer/editor/camera Documentary feature
Return to Pennsic Director/co-producer/editor/camera Documentary feature
East Coast United BJJ Director/producer/editor/camera Web series
Simply the Best G.A. West Show Director/co-producer/writer/editor Web series
The Duel Director/co-producer/fight director/storyboards Short
Redemption Director/producer/writer/editor/fight director Feature
Combat Twister Director/co-producer/writer/editor/fight director Short
Adventures of Captain Zorikh Director/producer/editor Web Series
The Gladiatrix Commando Co-director/co-producer/writer/fight director/storyboards Short
Shadows of the Knight Ass't director/co-writer/fight director Short
The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary Executive producer/bonus feature editor Documentary feature

Here are the YouTube channels that Captain Zorikh either manages or to which he has significantly contributed:
Captain Zorikh
New York Knights Combat
Captain Marvel Culture
Return to Pennsic
Simply the Best G.A. West
East Coast United BJJ

You can reach Captain Zorikh via email at zorikh at juno dot com...
...or you can simply go to the contact form and send a message.

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