Lacoudre and Ervald in Armor

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Father and Son in Armor

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When I was a small child, my father sent me a book:L'Ancient France - La Chevelrie et les Croisades. Inside this book was this picture. I think it and the inscription speak for themselves (if you know French and a little bit about Arthurian film history).
I'll bet he never imagined that twelve years later I would get involved in an activity that would allow me to imitate that pose. Claude Jean Pierre LaCoudre is dead now (cancer of the esophagus, 1988), but I like to think he would have been amused to see this.

my father in a Bresson film See any resemblance? SCA photo at Greenwich Village Renaissance Fair See any resemblance? SCA photo at Queens County Fair what he wrote

The photo is from the set of the movie "Lancelot of the Lake" directed by Robert Bresson. My father is listed in the credits as "Joseph-Patrick Le Quidre". I got the video of this movie recently. He plays a companion of Mordred's and actually has a couple of lines in it!

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