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The Ironfowl Cartoon Pages

The Ironfowl Cartoon Pages are being printed through Ka-Blamm Digital Printing

The Ironfowl Cartoon pages are a collection of cartoons drawn by Ervald the Optimisic (nee the Unlucky) and Timur Bloodeyes from 1987 - 1992. They were sold at SCA events and ultimately gathered into a collected volume (which you can order through the Watch This Space website here). They also appeared in occasional issues of "The Seahorse" the newsletter of the Crown Province of Ostgardr. Below are a few of those cartoons.

The below cartoon was adapted into a best-selling t-shirt sold at Pennsic XXIII:

These cartoons have been collected into a new volume with a new cover drawn by Ervald the Optimistic (aka Captain Zorikh). You can order it through Paypal below.

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