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The Death Star Repairmen
A Night in Mos Eisley
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The Death Star Repairman
After a long, hard, day of fixing the controls that extend the bridge, figuring out what shut down all the garbage mashers on the detention level, and spackling all those "highly accurate" blast points on the Death Star, a couple of hard-working repairmen kick back and play a few tunes at a small cantina in town. Enjoy seven rockiní songs inspired by the most successful space opera franchise of all time!

1. Come On, Lady Jedi
2. Gotta Get Off of This Rock (The Nerfherder Song)
3. Stormtrooper Blues
4. Red 5
5. Yoda
6. Flying Saucers Rock & Roll
7. The Saga begins

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The Nerfherder Song

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