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Duckball Home Video's
THE PENNSIC WAR: A Video Documentary
Special Edition

Front cover of the video box for Duckball Home Video's The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary special edition

68 minute documentary + 48 minutes bonus footage - animated menus - DVD
$19.95 + $3.50 p&h

This is the original SCA documentary! The videographers of Duckball home video have put together a well-rounded, 68-minute program describing the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Pennsic War. This video is a definite "must-have" for the SCAdian library. It is the largest and most complete documentary ever released of the Pennsic war, containing the woods, field, castle, and belted champions battles, several tournaments, music by Jack-In-The-Green and others, peerage ceremonies, opening and closing ceremonies, courts, the fools parade, classes, archery, artisans, shopping, and interviews with some of the early founders of Pennsic and the SCA, along with younger members who have since gone on to become peers and royalty. It is not only a wonderful document of this historic event, but also an ideal introduction to the SCA, useful at demos, meetings, or just showing people what you do for a hobby.

Originally shot on Super-VHS and Hi-8 video, this program was digitally remastered and duplicated on a high-quality, hi-fi DVD. It is a SCA documentary of the highest order!

This special edition also includes a 48-minute bonus feature of "lost" footage. This footage is edited to concentrate subject matters, so that all the music is together, all the fighting is together, all the courts are together, and so forth.

There is also an informative "where-are-they-now" insert included updating the stories of some of the gentles who were interviewed, many of whom have since become knights, laurels, kings, and queens! It also tells the story behind the making of this video.

$19.95 + $3.50 p&h
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Original Edition
Producer: Ruth Kahn
Director: Al Arthur
Associate Producers:
Lucille Carra
Jan Vanderdonk
Al Arthur
Brian Cotnoir
Ruth Kahn
Al Arthur
Opening Music:
Mark Malone
Scott J.Malone
Skylar Wright
Edward A. Small

Xth Anniversary Special Edition (Noble Edition DVD)
Produced and bonus footage directed by
Zorikh Lequidre
Bonus footage editor:
Kevin Trageser
Edited at:
The Outpost, Brooklyn, NY

This video is not an official production of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and does not delineate SCA policy.

People interviewed include:
Duke Sir Master Cariadoc
Master El of the Two Knives
Baron Mitchel McBain
Wolfgang Kreiger
Isabella of York

People also appearing include:
King David and Queen Tanguistl
King Randal and Queen Katherine
King of Calontir
King of The Outlands
Mistress Morgana
Dawid Zyugury
Master Alan
King Inman
Sir Alexander Caithness of Wick
Fulk the Wyvern
Edward Dragonslayer
Ervald the Optimistic

People recognizable in combat include:
Duke Sir Palymar
Duke Sir Gavin Kilkenny
Dondal McLeod
Colin McLlyr
Ervald the Optimistic
Ajax Thermopokles
Duke Sir Morguhn
Uther Shieldbreaker
Duke Sir Ronald Wilmont

Identifiable units in battle include:
Calontir vs. Carolingia
Calontir vs. Bloodguard
Several Roman units
The tie-dyed tabbards
Full Circle

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