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Captain Zorikh
The Three Chord Monte Strikes Again 1.5 CD

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More musciality! This is the longest and most ambitious album by Captain Zorikh so far. It replaces his album "Strikes Again" with improved recordings of several songs from that album. It also contains some brand new numbers and the best of his recordings from his "Death Star Repairmen" CD. There is one instrumental "bonus track" at the end that is worth waiting for.

Captain Zorikh: Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, kazoo
Eli Maniscalco: Bass, electric guitar
Jeff Web: Drums & Percussion
Marnen Laibow-Koser: Violin/fiddle
Danny Wacker: Electric Guitar on tracks 6 and 9

1. The M&M Song
2. Watch Out, Don't Bite
3. 2 Crazy 4 Me
4. Sweet Rebecca
5. Bus Ride
6. Come On Lady Jedi
7. The Nerf Herder Song
8. Stormtrooper Blues
9. Red 5
10. Celts Go Marching In
11. Johnny B. Goode of the Lower East Side.

All Songs (c)2008 by Zorikh Lequidre

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