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Captain Zorikh
Three Chord Monte CD

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The musical side of Zorikh Lequidre. In this recording, Captain Zorikh displays the high-energy, irreverent acoustic rock & roll, rockabilly, blues, country, and roots rock that have made him a hit at clubs, bars and parties all over the northeast and the New York City Subways! This recording contains 7 cuts, some of which are two–song medleys, originals and covers, including “You Got Me,” “The M&M Song,” “Johnny B. Goode for the Lower East Side,” “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins in the Style of Arlo Guthrie,” and more!

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The M & M Song
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Johnny B. Goode for the Lower East Side

Some things that have been said about Captain Zorikh:
"...the more than brilliant Zorikh Lequidre...has an enticing stage presence and a gift for humor. With his convivial act, he proved he was much more than a handsome guy in a kilt." - Hi! Drama Review, By G.S. Bowen
You just sang the longest song in the world, and had every person on the edge of their seat the whole time!" - Milady de Winter, Biggs-Rosati's "Les Trois Mousketaires"
"Mostly Talented, yet somewhat insane" - That guy at Kenny's Castaways
"Blocking passenger flow" - Officer Freel, NYPD
"Case dismissed" - Hearing officer, Transit Adjucation Bureau

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