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Thsi is what's left of my last three pairs of glasses, not including the rather expensive pair that were gift from my mother and went missing at a Valentine's Day party at a club in Chelsea. I don't usually go to clubs in Chelsea. To see what that pair looked like watch the video below:

To help me buy some new glasses that both look good and are more sturdy, please purchase my new CD, "Captain Zorikh: The Three Chord Monte Strikes Again 1.5" It contains the song in the above video as well as these others:

Click to hear:

The M & M Song Redux
Click to hear:

The Nerfherder Song
Click to hear:

2 Crazy 4 Me

All told, there at 11 songs and one bonus instrumental track, comprising some of my best material from my first 3 CD's and newly recorded songs:

1. The M&M Song
2. Watch Out, Don't Bite
3. 2 Crazy 4 Me
4. Sweet Rebecca
5. Bus Ride
6. Come On Lady Jedi
7. The Nerf Herder Song
8. Stormtrooper Blues
9. Red 5
10. Celts Go Marching In
11. Johnny B. Goode of the Lower East Side.

I am singing the vocals and playing rhythm guitar, harmonica and kazoo , Eli Maniscalco plays bass and on one track, lead guitar, Jeff Webb plays drums and percussion, Marnen Laibow-Koser plays violin/fiddle, and on two tracks, Danny Wacker plays lead guitar.

You can order the CD here for just $9.95 + $2.00 shipping & handling

If you have no interest in ordering the CD, but would still like to help me get new glasses, I have set up and Amazon Honor System PayPage, through which you can donate, securely and refundable. Every dollar that goes in, up to $500, will go directly top my new glasses. Any thing over that will go towards the production of my next project (which I will now be able to see through to completion. Get it? "See?")

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But if you absolutely insist on getting something for your money, don't want a CD, but still want to help me, simply click on the banner below and order something. 5% of the total sales for the month will go towards helping me get new glasses, and if there are over 20 items ordered in a month, that percentage goes up.

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