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Many people have asked me "Ervald the Optimistic, where can I get some SCA-legal armor so I can fight?" Well, here's the answer. I had gotten tired of typing "sca armor," "Society for Creative Anachronism armor," "medieval armor," "LARP armor," and variants thereof (who really spells it "armour" anyway?) in search engines and coming up with all sorts of things that I didn't need, so here, in one place, are all the websites I could find of merchants, armorers, and armories that sell SCA armor. This is a non-judgmental list. I have not ordered from many of them, and some I've never heard of before. I encourage prospective armor buyers to shop around and figure out what they need and how much they are willing to spend. Also check the judgmental sites listed at the bottom of the page. This list is organized in random order so as not to give anyone an alphabetic advantage, but I guarantee that each one claimed to sell SCA-legal armor when I added them to the list.

Big update on 3/21/2017! Now, like Conan's victories, SCA armorers cannot easily be counted! And many of them are only on Facebook.

This page is now a part of a web site of armor resources which includes links to websites about building armor, lists of books about armor (including links to to buy them), and will soon include a series of illustrations of historical armor.

This page existed for many years as a Geocities page. Since the destruction of Geocities by Yahoo, it has been moved to the website of its creator, Captain Zorikh (Lord Ervald the Optimistic himself).

  • Valhalla Leathercraft (No longer doing armor as of 3/21/2017)
  • Kragaxe Armory Apparently the web host no longer enables their websites to be updated anymore, and I found a new version of the website at but none of the links work and the last update was on May 25, 2011.
  • White Mountain Armoury The website states that they are "Closed for business" but still has lots of pictures of lovely armor pieces and a link to a PDF on constructing a gambezon.
  • has announced that they are "no longer available for orders," but that their products are now available at Windrose Armory.
  • Christian Fletcher does not seem to have any armor on his website anymore, but has excellent weapons and accoutrements.
  • Bohemond no longer had armor, but has some really nice shoes and boots.

    As of 9/15/2013, the following links no longer seem to work. Any information about these armorers would be appreciated:

    The following sites are opinionated lists of sites. I make no judgements on these armorors, I just let them do it.

    Albion Armorers sells some stuff that looks like it might be SCA-legal armor, but they make no claims to that effect.

    These are non-judgemental lists. All of the SCA armorers I could find in them as of 1/20/01 are listed above, but feel free to wade through them if you wish.

    You can find some of the tools you may need to build your own armor here...


    You can find books about armor on my armor book pages, or you can just go to yourself...

    I have produced the following products about the SCA and other medieval combat organizations, available on

    ...or directly from me through my catalog

    Here are some other very nice products about the SCA...


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