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Lord Ervald LaCoudre Edwardson the Optimistic

This is a homepage to the various webpages connected to the SCA persona and related activities of Zorikh Lequidre.

Page one of the Evolution of Ervald
Page two of the Evolution of Ervald
Page three of the Evolution of Ervald
Page four of the Evolution of Ervald
The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary
Return to Pennsic, the 20th anniversary follow-up to the Pennsic War documentary
Me and my real father in our armor
My essay of Pennsic XXV, illustrated with photographs
Photos of the pas d'armes at Pennsic XXV
More Pennsic XXXV pictures
SCA armor resources (merchants, how-to, books, etc)

Back in 1991, I was involved in the making and distribution of Duckball Home Video's Pennsic War video documentary. I have since re-mastered this video, editing together an extra 47 minutes, production notes, and a "where are they now" feature. This new video is available at
The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary

I am currently making a follow-up to my Pennsic War video documentary. You can help the project by going to this website...


The Society for Creative Anachronism
The ultimate list of SCA armorers
The ultimate list of SCAdian-interest movies
The cartoon adventures of Zorikh Lequidre in medieval England!
The Watch This Space catalog, including the Duckball Home Video Pennsic XX Documentary 10th Anniversary Special Edition
Some Shakespearean heraldry
A list of stage combat sword merchants
Stage Combat in New York
My acting resume and upcoming shows
My Journal

The Adventures of Zorikh Lequidre and the Amazing Grendel Conspiracy