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The Second Page of The Evolution of Lord Ervald Lacoudre Edwardson the Optimistic

The Evolution of Lord Ervald LaCoudre Edwardson the Optimistic

Page 2

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The College Years

In 1992, Valiant Comics had a deal where if you send them a picture of yourself doing something unique to promote them (say, the ostentatious display of their logo) you would get a gold edition of one of their comics. This picture, somehow, didn't make the cut. The damsel is Rose Darkthorne, a friend of mine who got married and moved to Switzerland.

Jack Potter's Drawing Class at the School of Visual Arts

At the East Village Renaissance Fair, '93. I refer to this as my "sea monster" picture.

At the Queens County Farm Museum County Fair in 1993, posing with 18th century weapons in 12th century garb

At the Greenwich Village Medieval Festival in fall '93, with His Etceteracy, Sir Edward, and fighting Lord John the Bear with two swords. Note the brand new moving-pad gambezon.

Defeating Lord Voltaire at the end of a battle at Agincourt '94, Huntington.

Posing and fighting at the Huntington Renaissance Faire in '95.

Practicing with Ajax Thermopokles at Union Square, '95.

Striking Sir Diablu in the arm at the Queens County Farm Museum County Fair demo in '95.

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