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The Fourth Page of The Evolution of Lord Ervald Lacoudre Edwardson the Optimistic

The Evolution of Lord Ervald LaCoudre Edwardson the Optimistic

Page 4

I am currently making a follow-up to my Pennsic War video documentary. You can help the project by going to this website...

The Recent Years

In the snow, test shoot in the winter of 2005 for a video project for a Dutch play about the crusades, and some shots with Jolie Voltaire. We liked the idea of the "Ice Knight" so much we took some more photos.

At the Pennsic War, 2005, fighting in the Ladies of the Rose tourney

At the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Fest, 2005

At the Southern Region War Practice 2006

With Sancha de Flores (Jolie Voltaire) at the Peekskill Riverfest with two members of the 14th Brooklyn Civil War re-enactment regiment.

Time Out New York had me listed as a representative "LARPer" in their "singles" issue in 2009. It gave me a chance to show off my new gambezon.

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Back in 1991, I was involved in the making and distribution of Duckball Home Video's documentary of the 20th Pennsic War. I re-mastered this video, editing together an extra 47 minutes, production notes, and a "where are they now" feature. This new video is now available. Go to the Watch This Space Catalog for more information.
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